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esure - Home Insurance


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esure for Household insurance

Esure normally allows you to build up 10 years No Claim Discount on your home insurance, which is double the industry standard.

There are a number of restrictions and exclusions that apply to various parts of the cover with esure home insurance. The significant or unusual restrictions are shown below but you should read the full policy to understand all the restrictions that apply.

Loss or damage arising from or consisting of:

  • Wear and tear or loss of value over time
  • Faulty workmanship, design or materials
  • Any gradually operating cause
  • Any item owned or used totally or partly for business purposes or connected with any employment
  • Loss or damage caused by insects, birds or domestic pets.

You must tell esure as soon as possible about any change in the information you give them after you have bought a policy from them. They may charge an administration fee for any changes you make to your policy details during the period of cover. Visit their website to see the current scale of fees. If you do not tell them about any relevant changes esure may reject or reduce any claim you make or you may be treated as being uninsured.


eusure Help Lines

Claims Helpline
Esure to have a first class claims service, just call their personal claims number and esure will take all your details in minutes. No claim forms, no waiting - they do it all for you there and then. Esure will personally manage all aspects of your claim so you can rest assured we'll be looking after your interests. Should you need practical assistance with a home repair, they'll arrange for a recommended repairer to come to your home.

Once your claim is approved, esure will put you in touch with their suppliers who can deliver any replacement goods directly to you, or carry out any repair-work required.

Home Emergency Helpline
Esure's home emergency claims team are very experienced in providing help to homeowners in times of crisis. Just call their home emergency helpline, and give your name, address and postcode and the nature of the emergency. They will then arrange for a local reputable contractor to come to your home and carry out any immediate repairs. One of esure's advisors will call you to confirm the details of the appointed contractor, and the time of their visit. No need to call around for quotes or to find dependable tradesmen - one call to the esure home emergency helpline, day or night, and help is at hand. Before requesting assistance, please check that the circumstances are covered - refer to the policy for terms and conditions.





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